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why is the two-phase stone cutting machine reversed (how about the stone cutting machine)

Summary: 石材切割机换完定转子为啥反转 如果是三项电的电机,先检查下电源线是否接反,电机反转多因项线接错所致 全部个回答 定子两根线对调或...

the stone cutting machine is changed to the other of the three electric motors, first check whether the power cord is reversed, the motor is reversed to the neutral neutral contact error, the stator two lines, two lines, two lines, two the root line is called. the stone cutting machine is a cloud stone machine, twisted the lock from the blade, and the blade can be disassembled, and the marble cutter is reversed. what is the three-phase line of the three-phase electric machine, interchange arbitrary. decoration is a big event to prevent being flicker. "the blade of the stone cutter is turning forward or reversed" to tell you the renovation, refuse the increasing reject the greasy, worry-free decoration.

the newly bought 220v handheld cutting machine finds that it is necessary to return this quality problem. in view of the purchase of replacement of a new better, it is better to solve the problem, it is not recommended to repair itself, change one. the common sense of the stone cutting machine is generally not possible. generally, it will not change easily after the lifting of the wasteland is fixed, unless you have cut a few knives, it is found in the crack or ribbon in the wasteland, so it is necessary to plan before cutting. stone cutting clearance is known as the latine machine, the use of silicate materials such as concrete stone tiles, sawing and scribing it is a wider application, let us know the attention of stone cutting machine.

all stone cutting machine flipped the goods to the stone cutting machine fills in the woodworking park saw the price of cheap, the seller service is better, responsible, logistics, very good quality, very satisfied, 5 points praise, thank you seller plug-off try again. at present, the stone cutting machine tool generally used in stone sheet can only perform vertical cutting, and the processing of shaped stone can not be processed. if the shaped cutting needs to be artificially painted on the plate, the workers hand hold stone cut. two-phase or two-phase fuse blown, two-phase or three-phase power line short circuit, two phases or two phases or morethe switch or starting 4 stone engraving mechanism has reversed phenomena. this is generally due to the shortage of motor lines.

the stone cutting machine screw is a filament or the filament should be a filament, because the electricity is smooth, and the hand is different. do you say that the screws on the fixed saw blade are right? if it is the golden king, it is reversible . the new stone cutter stator rotor fires new change to the rotor, even if the original source accessories are also a significant phenomenon that the rotor is the rotor fire, it is recommended to observe whether the rotor is reversed, such as. today, more and more people choose stone engraving machines to do stone engraving, but slightly, it will cause the stone engraving knife to break the bigger's most headache that makes stone engraving users.