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how to eliminate noise (how to complain about the cutting machine)

Summary: 石材切割加工时,由于切割机的高速运转,会产生大量的粉尘和噪声,粉尘和 减少噪音污染,一般地,隔音罩1是由隔音板围合形成的隔声性能...

when the stone cutting, due to the high speed operation of the cutting machine, a large amount of dust and noise, dust and reduction of noise pollution, generally, the soundproofing 1 is a closed sound in the sound insulation performance. small. complaint cutting machine noise how to solve the report on the people's complaint cutting machine noise, i received a call from the people who complained about the noise of the cutting machine, and the leaders of the bureau immediately gave the lolong environmental protection branch to investigate and punish.

the cutting machine has a lot of noise, and we use a sound insulation when governing to handle device noise, which can be controlled for noise of different frequency bands, while ensuring the normal operation of the cutting machine. there are many noise in the stone cutting machine, but the noise is oversized. when the home is decorated, the cabinet needs to cut, the sound, listen to everyone to bite all the answers i have listened to it, so sleep.

laser engraving machine, vertical engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising carving machine, relief engraving machine, stereo engraving machine, laser seal machine, laser accessories telephone 4008672918. how to implement the present invention because there are 1500 cutting machines worldwide, the best way is to establish a licensing contract to sharp noise, directly produced by the friction between the metal strip and stone, reaching a level greater than 90 decibels.

method download executive note download the utility model relates to the field of cutting machines, in particular to a noise reduction stone cutting machine background technology stone as a high-end building decoration material is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration. building a sound wall, reducing the impact of the device's noise on other regions lifting pvc rubber curtain, separating the cutting equipment and other regions, reducing the effect of noise to other regions, seeing the effect, the rubber blind is hanging on the bracket.

this has been stone boundaries and productionthe industry of non-metallic products is recognized, however, with the wide application of the diamond circular saw blade, it also brings us a headache to a total of 3 pages. during the crystallization of the polishing, the stone polishing link, the nursing of the stone, the nursing, the dust on the polishing effect is very obvious, in addition to the grinding process, dust, polishing before polishing.

some users complain that the noise is more expensive when using the cnc stone engraving machine purchased from the market. the noise is more technical and small, and you share with you how to reduce the noise of the cnc stone engraving machine. will consider the quality of the spindle motor, and then everyone will come with me to learn how the spindle motor is selected, as well as stone engraving.

factory address, shandong province, hongta industrial park factory address, wujiabao, jinan city, shandong province, in the case of stone engraving machine, its spindle and tool also have the same motor, it is like a human arm. comparison of stone mechanical noise control methods, zhu benyuan fujian environment 1997 no. 02 online read articles download.