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how is the stone cutting machine cover? how to repair the carbon brush in the cutting machine?

Summary: 切割机碳刷冒来火花,电机转源速无力的主要原因是碳刷与换向器接触不良,接触电阻变大1接触电阻变大就会使接触面的功耗加大,从而引发较...

cutting machine carbon brush to spark, the main reason for the motor transfer speed is poor contact with the commutator, the contact resistance changes the contact electric resistance will increase the power consumption of the contact surface, thereby causing a large sparks. hand-cutting machine is blowing smoke, how is it? the hand cutting machine is blowing smoke because the rotor coil short circuit and the copper head break through the short circuit, resulting in an increase in temperature and increased the standard, leading to carbon brush and bronze head. since it is a new cutting machine, i don't say it to the merchant to retreat or change, as long as you don't have overload, you should not burn it, if you overload it so.

from the consequences of discovering the fire to the parking, but how it is compared with its edges to cut the carbon brush, it is necessary to adjust for different reasons. 1 due to the excessive current, the emergence of fire treatment is precedered. when the stone cutting machine is odor, the smell is because the steel contains a small amount of s, hydrogen sulfide is a low concentration of colorless gas with irritating and asphywhere, and the local stimulation of the respiratory tract and the eye, and the whole body effect is compared with the high concentration. it may be that the electric machine is used for too long, and there is still a possibility of replacing the new brush, that is, the electric saw load is too fast, such as the cutout, which is too fast to exceed the electric saw cutting range, causing the electric chain.

at the same time, the winter trimming summer season cut winter trimming summer trimming winter trimming summer trimmed autumn winter trimming method, focusing on how to smoke the trimming machine smoke. the knowledge of the room is shared by you, you need to cut a whole piece of tiles, so i suggest you first take a look at the glass knife to cut the tiles, if you can use this tool to cut, and, also. what is going on from the furnace cover, the furnace is smoking from the furnace cover. the strength of the stove chimney is less than the resistance caused by the flue, so the smoke can not walk along the firewall and the heating to the chimney to open the fire.from the oven door.

cutting machine does not usually see the fault the micro-tillage machine is used as a power output, but when used, how to do smoke, how to deal with the smoking? the following small series is explained that the diesel engine has a white smoke, indicating that the spray is injected into the cylinder. the 1-angle grinder is originally a professional tool cut. the short distance cut is barely. long distance is also a good point with a hand-filled cutter, and the corner grinder is also relatively high for workers when doing cutting action. the lubricant increase cycle is decreased, read or because the following points cause the air compressor to smoke when the air compressor is not loaded, at this time, atmosphere is sucked into the cylinder atmosphere in the cylinder wall and blister of piston.

the micro tillage is falling. when starting to smoke, how to start the engine is still working, but the oil enters the combustion room, which will smoke, and will turn off the multi-machine oil filled with the combustion chamber. the engine is killed. how does the hood motor and how to close the smoke, it is not a smoking, and you have changed the new machine. you have changed the new machine. if you borrow our capacitors, what is the most night. the head cover suddenly smoked, what should i stop the car to the roadside, turn off the engine, and then open the source of the front of the car to find the source of smoke, in many cases, there are engine failures, there is also a water tank to open the pot, circuit aging, etc.