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four-axis stone bridge cutting machine (new five-axis bridge cutting machine)

Summary: 该机为当下最为热门的岩板石材桥切机,随着岩板的兴起,该机型持续走俏,是当前岩板大板切割的得力设备该机型可45°倒角,实现垂直拼接...

the machine is cut by the most popular rock stone bridge. with the rise of the rock board, the model continues to be popular, and the model of the current rock plate plate cut is 45 ° chamfer to achieve vertical splicing. cut any angle. nan'an zhengmeng machinery co., ltd., established in 2014, is committed to the development and manufacturing of stone finishing machinery and equipment, expects advanced mechanical equipment, changing the labor-intensive backward production methods of stone industries, and improves the added value of products. stone bridge cutting machine bridge is cut the net thickness of 4mm, colorful and diverse, fire, moisture, stone bridge cutting machine, oil-resistant, hardness, and resistance to scratch resistance, it can not meet the requirements, and the service life is short, so slowly will be.

four-axis bridge cutting machine offer picture shao hui, sh, oc university teacher personal home page, shaohui team, stone bridge cutting machine tet - axis linkage control system research and development shaohui, machine tool, mechanical arm, modeling, control shao hui, shao hui. always engaged in cnc products in the field of stone sculpture stone three-dimensional engraving foam sculpture three-dimensional four-axis laser woodworking, with a forgiveness, the spirit of struggle and reputation services shared. baidu love purchase for you to find 15 new infrared stone integrated bridge clemmer quality wholesale suppliers, massive corporate yellow pages, including manufacturers industrial and commercial information main products and detailed commodity parameters quote.

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