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cut the paint plate with stone cutting machine (is electric circular saw safety)

Summary: 免漆板,是将带有不同颜色或纹理的纸放入三聚氰胺树脂胶粘剂中浸泡,然后干燥到一定固化程度,将其铺装在刨花板防潮板中密度纤维板胶合板...

the plate is the plate, and the paper with different colors or textured is immersed in a melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, and paved it in the particleboard moisture-proof plate fine wood. the cloud stone machine refers to the stone cutting machine, which can be used to cut the stone, tile, wood version and other electric saws can be used as a cew wall cutting tiles, the stone cutting machine, which can be used to cut the stone, tile, wood wait electric circular saw. what saw cutting plate does not use a precision pusher saw precision push table saw for two saw blades at work, so there is a single side if the saw blade is a single, so the following inevitable zip saw blade refined.

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is electric circular saw safety? stone cutting machine to turn the lock from the blade, the blade can be disassembled, then put the other blade, tighten, pay attention to the torque force, otherwise the single piece is easy to vibrate affect the cutting quality . patent technical field the present invention relates to the field of stone processing equipment, and more particularly to a cutting machine that can facilitate stone processing, the existing stone cutting machine exists. the present invention relates to the field of stone cutting equipment, and more particularly to a large stone cutting machine cutting table background, stone cutting machine is also called stone cutting machinery is a multi-knife composed of a cutting knife and rack.