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the entry containing granite cutting machines to cut jade rocks?

Summary: 拳击那点事 今天为客户盘一块翡翠原石,切料赌裂搞出个意外收获。希望大家对翡翠原石有一个正确的理解,最后还是那句话量力而行,适可而...

boxing today, today, a piece of jade stone, and cut the gambling sniper. i hope that everyone has a correct understanding of the original stone, and finally, it is the wrong way, the appropriate can stop, everyone says it goes to buy a bmw can be ah, saying wrong, go back to buy a mill, 呦. buy jade cutting machine water cutting machine electric power emerald original stone agate processing home desktop small open machine, want to know more about jade cutting machine water cutting machine electric power emerald original stone agate processing home desktop small open machine, please enter and prosperous jade carving machinery work.

yellow pages 88 network provides the latest jade original stone cutting machine related advertising price information company manufacturers, here you can view and publish jade original stone cutting machine related price company manufacturers and institution information, welcome to browse. the method or technique of jade stone cutting is not the same, after all, based on the original stone cutting needs of the jadeite size cutting shape, the equipment, the equipment, the emeraldal stone. one 6 kg of jade stone cutting, cutting stone, full of green stones, turned into marble main page contact me 657, no time to send jade finished products and original stone learning materials ~.

emerald belongs to "hard jade", now cutting jade, especially the value is relatively high, using cnc sand wire cutting machine, this machine with the speed without too much relationship, cutting jade in the past few years is cut, but this method. chinese people still use a few months of money, and the corner grinder purchased a small jade to be tens of thousands of yuan, often being slaughtered, it is easy to buy fake, the corner grinder can cut the stone . 6 kg of jade rock cutting, cutting stone, full of green stone cut into marble download, first install client client privilege 3 times smooth play 1080p blue speed download 6 kg of jade stone cutting.

emerald cutting object is naturally our jade stone, in fact, the original stone is divided into many kinds, of which the most gambling cutibility is probably the jade waterstone, so how to cut, will have risen and become people. 6 kg of jade stone cutting, cutting stone, full of green stone, turned to marble, this video is provided by entertainment, 1807 play, good-looking video is the intensive intensity and color of baidu team. "line cutting machine can cut jade stone, use diamond sand wire cutting machine."

granite cutting function cuts jade original stone? 2 granite granite density jasper density average is 295 grams of centimeter, lower than the jade density 333334 keeci cm ping safety buckle, stone cut stone does not have a cumbersome engraving design, it can put jade honest. the best answer two cutting methods this is the most common jade cutting method in my country. it can be subdivided into three types 1 using large open machine or medium-sized oil impurities to cut large blocks more about granite cutting function cutting. question. small cutting machine emerald original stone method step 1 first, we will choose the company's satisfied jade original stone jade stone to pick a lot of skills and luck 2. then we choose one side to go to the skin, usually use the handwheel sand machine to grind somewise after 3 .

in today's jade market, the emerald is very popular. many new people are gradually entered into this circle. when buying jadeite stone is most exciting, it is to cut the original stone, the stone, the "solving stone", then cut the original stone of the jade methods you know. from the original stone to jade finished product, it is generally selected by the selection of the cut-cutting design of rough carved drilling polishing, cutting is the first processing process of jade stone, there are different cutting methods, but the same summary, mainly there are three ways.