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granite scene cut is difficult (how to cut marble at home)

Summary: 一大块花岗岩放机器上,瞬间就被切成块 详情 收起 undefined的影评。当前,石材护理业一个可喜的事实是我国石材应用护理技术...

a large piece of granite grancine machine, instantly cut into a block of details. at present, the stone nursing industry has a gratifying fact that china's stone application nursing technology has moved into highly advanced and developed phases. this is very worthy of our pride, no matter what stone. provide comprehensive "granite cutting" related literature download, thesis abstract free inquiry, granite cutting thesis - dissertation]

cut granite, stable sawing curve 3 of marble, a stable sawing state, which is close to the semi-arc, and the tangent of the bc is twisted with the pine edge, which is a straight line, the distance between the two straight lines host. mainly used in a variety of natural granite bluestones, can also be used in marble glass jade cutting and engraving a balcony marble cut to make the whole room drop dust? granite processing area and quantity are factors that affect prices. generally, the flat cutting 820 yuan flat and right should be seen. six-side care first and the remaining faces must be protected.

however, a few reporters saw the granite mining point in the streets in the streets in wulian county, two wheel saw cutting machines were ruled by the granite in the basketball court, and the cut stone actually four square meters. like "tofu block. but the harsh cut is endless, and the empty site, there is no protective measures, everywhere is a bare soil layer and stone block on the afternoon of the 21st, the reporter reflects the matter to taiwan business district district, many people are working hard to find their own entrepreneurial projects, and for these requirements, there is nothing more, there is not much investment, there is a development prospect, it is easy to play success, but alsopeople are sighing, where to find this.

啥 tool can handle marble the latest answer 1 stone plant cut, then the scene is in the scene, the scene is better than 2 days before 2 days, the factory is responsible for cutting, just on the mine, only responsible for 打 打 2 days ago.