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granite infrared cutting recruitment (urgent recruitment of red outside tutang)

Summary: 丹东振安区招红外线花岗岩切割工人招红外线花岗岩切割工人计件工资,管吃住,大约工资9000以上,如无活,每天保底200元同时有大师...

dandong zhen'an district recruits the red-out granite cutting workers recruits the red-out granite cutting workers' pieces of salary, tube, more than 9,000 wages, such as no life, 200 yuan, 200 yuan, have a master to teach, with insurance. forward company name yulong stone recruitment position marble infrared cutting, processing recruitment number 5 people qualifications require unlimited work experience unlimited gender requirements no age requirement 1845 years old. post introduction post category handmade live-acting white class requires to work hard, practice this point, there is stone processing experience, there is infrared cutting experience contact contact 竺 联系 联系 电话 电话 187 * company address old stone lion stone department.

nikawa stone recruitment number of infrared tutral workers henan sansheng stone co., ltd. recruitment information is hires 3 people in hongkou cutting board. the work location is located in zhengzhou xinzheng, the company's scale, the salary treatment is 5,0008,000 yuan, the work experience is not limited, the degree is not limited, the job content requirement. 2 can be skilled with infrared bridge cutting machine 3 椐 椐 合 合 保 保 保 保 保 过 过 过 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 将 保 将 保 保.. 保. 并. 将 将.. 将.. 保. 将 将 将 花 将 将 将 将

jinchuan stone is hires the number of infrared tribune workers, and the job duties 1 follow the supervisor requirements of the workshop, complete the production task on time, complete the production task 2 on the day of the day, and the production operations 3 service. i want to recruit 12 people in the stone factory. hello, i suggest you go to the regular talent recruitment website to release the recruitment information but be careful or go to the recruitment of the recruitment information. i wish you a happy life.